Mum worried about bumping into man who killed her daughter after prison release

The heartbroken mum of a young woman killed by two young drivers in a 90mph race has spoken of her “hurt and anger” at learning one has been released from prison.

Liam Price caused the death of 25-year-old Kelly Kennedy on July 4, 2016, when he ploughed head-on into her car, causing a “huge impact” which killed her instantly.

He had been racing another man, Cory Kedward at the time.

The horrific ordeal has caused Kelly’s family great pain and suffering ever since.

Miss Kennedy had just finished work and begun the drive down the A4067 towards home in Clydach on the day of the crash – her Ford Ka was the first car in a line of traffic heading from the direction of Pontardawe.

Coming in the opposite direction were Kedward, in his Vauxhall Astra SRi, and Price in his Honda Civic Sport.

Just after a roundabout, Kedward and Price overtook a slower moving car in front of them – then began to race one another.

At speeds near 90mph the pair raced “side-by-side” along the road, Kedward in the nearside lane, Price in the offside.

Neither slowed down or showed any sign of wanting to “give in” to the other, leading to the collision. Kedward, whose car had not been caught up in the crash, drove off from the scene.

In April, 2018, Price, then 23, of Western Avenue, Sandfields, Port Talbot, was sentenced to six years and four months after admitting causing Miss Kennedy’s death by dangerous driving, whilst Kedward, then 23, of Gelligaled Road, Ystrad, was convicted of the same offence following a trial and was jailed for seven years.

Recently, just over three years later, Tracy Kennedy, Kelly’s mum, received the call she dreaded the most. She was informed that Price had been released from prison, but said she was shocked to discover he was allowed to move back to the local area.

She said: “To me, he can just go back to normal life now, but he has ruined our lives. We feel really let down as a family. It makes me feel sick, it is devastating to us.

“Another thing worrying me, I don’t want me or my family ever bumping into him. We just don’t want to have that contact whatsoever.

“People don’t seem to care about us, it is all about their futures. Kelly has not got that. It makes me angry and hurt.

“I was hoping they would put in place that he was not allowed to be in the Swansea area, or that he had to be in England or North Wales, not Port Talbot. It brings it all back, all the feelings come rushing back – you get these flashbacks of what happened and from the court case.

“We will never get past it, we are still living a nightmare and every day Kelly is on my mind, but things like this bring it all back.”

Mrs Kennedy explained how it was coming up to the fifth anniversary of her daughter’s death, and that her loss had resulted in a lasting impact on her loved ones left behind.

She said: “It is coming up to five years and it still feels like it was yesterday. Our hearts are broken, she was the life and soul of the house. It will never go away, but I just feel, ‘Where is the justice?’ He’s just basically had a slap on the wrist.

“Every year I do something for charity in Kelly’s memory and I will be doing a walk this year. It gives me something to focus on. She would have been 30 in March, it has been very difficult.”